Allahabad Parliamentary seat…. Son’s of two political stalwarts lock horns.



No cake walk– by Abhilash Narain

It will not be a cake walk either for Neeraj Tripathi of the Bharatiya Janata Party or Ujjwal Raman Singh of the INDI Alliance from the Allahabad Parliamentary Constituency in 2024 elections.
The trans-Yamuna Assembly segment of Karchhana had been a strong hold of Ujjwal Raman Singh who recently switched his loyalty from the Samajwadi Party to another opposition alliance partner, the Congress to get party ticket from Allahabad Parliamentary seat. Karchhana Assembly segment is a part of Allahabad Parliamentary constituency. His father Kunwar Reoti Raman Singh is a senior leader of the Samajwadi Party and knows the tricks of winning elections.

Ujjawal Raman Singh, INC

On the other hand Neeraj Tripathi, an advocate by profession and son of Pandit Keshari Nath Tripathi is making his debut in political field, but his father had been winning the Allahabad City South Assembly seat, and was a BJP stalwart, so he is expected to poll all the BJP and RSS supporters’ vote in his favour.


Neeraj Tripathi, BJP

Though there are many other candidates to divide vote, but main contest will be between Neeraj Tripathi and Ujjwal Raman Singh. Ujjwal had earlier registered victory in Assembly elections while Neeraj is a new entrant in the political arena, but the Modi-Yogi factor will prove to be an energy booster for him besides Ram Lalla factor.
It is expected that a keen contest will be witnessed at Allahabad Parliamentary seat this time.

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