Amit Shah urges Kaushambi voters for a hatrick.


This is country’s government not a grocers shop said senior BJP leader Amit Shah while addressing a rally at Babaganj under Kaushambi parliamentary constituency in this region of Uttar Pradesh.

Amit Shah was reacting over Rahul Gandhi’s statement in which he said ‘INDIA alliance leaders would be made PM one after the other for five years in case they won this election.

Shah said, INDIA alliance has no face for the PMs post.

Striking emotional chord with the youth Amit Shah urged them to ensure BJPs victory.

This time people have to register three hatricks.

First bring Modi to power for the third time, second, to keep Congress, SP and BSP alliance out of power and to ensure the victory of BJPs candidate Vinod Sonkar.

Shah claimed that BJP has crossed the 200 mark in the third phase and will reach the figure of 250 in the fourth round.

Drawing attention towards statements of Mani Shankar Ayyar and Farukh Abdullah to respect Pakistan and forget about POK because Pakistan possessed nuclear bomb Shah said Rahul could be afraid of the bomb but we aren’t.

We will go ahead to take back POK, Shah asserted.

The PM took steps to abrogate Article 370 in Kashmir largely because of people’s support.

Terrorism now cannot raise its ugly head in Kashmir which has been made inseperable from us now.

Calling Rahul and Akhilesh as two Shahzadas, Shah said, both of them plan to bring Article 370 back in Kashmir.

It was because of vote bank politics that Rahul, Sonia and Dimple refrained from going to Ram mandir but we are not afraid of Vote bank politics, Shah said.

This country needs a strong and stable government, Shah added.

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