Bishnoi Community could consider pardoning Salman Khan if he himself takes step.

If Megastar Salman Khan apologises and takes oath to protect wildlife, we will consider it: Bishnoi community on blackbuck case…,



Devendra Budiya was quoted as saying in Hindi, “If Salman Khan himself apologises, the Bishnoi society will consider the apology as the mistake was not made by Somy Ali, but by Salman. No one else can apologise on his behalf. If he himself comes to the temple and seeks forgiveness, our samaj (community) could think about forgiving him because one of our 29 rules is forgiveness. Salman should further take an oath that he will never make such a mistake and will work to protect wildlife and theq environment, then we can consider a decision to forgive him.”

Now let’s wait and watch that what Salman Khan has to say in reply to Devendra


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