BJP distributing free ration out of tax payers money: BSP National President Mayawati.


BSP national president Mayawati has accused the BJP government of distributing free ration to the people out of tax payers money. ‘ kendra sarkar apke tax ke paison se muft anaj baant rahi hai’. Mayawati was addressing an election rally at Kalli west in Raibareily.

She said, BJP and RSS were telling voters, ‘hamara anaj khaya hai hame vote do’. We have been distributing free ration to you and now in exchange you cast your vote in our favour.

Claiming BSP alone was in position to uplift the lot of dalits and muslims in the country she called upon people to stop congress and BJP from coming to power at the centre.

Capitalism, Communalism and casteism should be stopped in this country. She said BSP alone could do it.

She said, she would create a seperate Awadh state within the state in case her party came to power at the centre.

Lucknow underwent a sea change when she was CM of the state. This is not hidden. Everybody knows this.

People coming to Lucknow visit the places and monuments constrcted during her regime.

So many reservation quota posts were still laying vacant and no step has been taken to fill them.

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