Congress will loose status of being opposition party, PM Modi


Shahzada is 53 years old. Congress will get less than this number of seats in parliamentary elections, said PM Modi at an election rally at Chetara in Jharkhand. This time Congress will loose the status of being the opposition party. INDIA alliance has sensed its defeat.

An INDIA alliance leader has already said all small Congress alliance partners should merge in Congress party after the elections, said Modi.

This statement speaks how frustrated and defeated these partners are feeling after aligning with the congress.

Without mentioning the name of Congress leader Mani Shankar Ayyar Modi said, on one hand BJP leaders have made it known to the world the power of the country following nuclear tests and on the other congress leaders were trying to instill fear in the heart of junta here about nuclear bomb that Pakistan possessed.

The PM said this while speaking at another meeting at Kandhmal in Orissa. Modi while speaking at Bargarh in Orissa criticised the statement of Maharashtra Congress leader Nana Patoley that Ram Mandi should be purified with Ganga jal. This statement of the congress leader came after the visit of President Draupadi Murmu at the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. The President had performed pooja and arti at the garbh griha of this newly constructed temple.This statement shows disrespect to the country.

Addressing public rallies at Kandhmal, Bargarh and Balangeer, PM Modi recalled the incident when Rahul Gandhi had torn the decision of Man Mohan Singh’s Cabinet.

Rahul Gandhi had done so at a press conference where he tore the paper of cabinet decision into pieces.Cabinet has powers vested in its hands by the constitution.

But now the same persons are talking about the importance of the constitution.

The country will never condone Rahul Gandhi’s act of tearing the constitution, said PM Modi.

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