Congress Working Committee (CWC) Urges Rahul Gandhi to accept Opposition leaders role


BK Singh

The congress working committee has unanimously recommended the name of Rahul Gandhi as the leader of opposition in the new Lok Sabha following party’s spectacular show in the just concluded election.

Senior congress leader and party general secretary KC Venugopal has reportedly said the congress working committee CWC has requested Rahul Gandhi to take up the mantle of becoming the opposition leader.

Exhilrated over the congress’ performance party leaders feel that Rahul was capable enough to perform the role of opposition leader well. Senior party leaders are also very happy with the revival of the party as people had started saying that congress is dead party now with no capable leader, said a congress leader.

The BJP had made all attempts to finish us altogether and many of its leaders had even started calling us dead, said another leader.

Rahul is the best person to lead this campaign inside parliament,, said Venugopal. For a better stronger and more vigilant opposition… those who want to protect the constitution should feel safe under the leadership of Rahul,”, reported TOI.

With our leaders and workers charged up, Venugopal said, the revival of congress has begun.  The atmosphere in CWC is now entirely different from what it was four months ago, he also reported, says an HT report.

A senior leader from Uttar Pradesh Pramod Tewari said, definitely, Rahul Gandhi should become the congress leader in Lok Sabha. He is fearless and courageous.

On the other hand the CWC unanimously praised Rahul Gandhi for embarking on Bharat Jodo and Bharat Nyaya Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir that he covered through the road. An arduous journey it was, yet it was completed successfully and was well received by people all along the route.

Huge crowds welcomed and cheered Rahul Gandhi where ever he stopped to meet people. It was indeed a grand attempt to unite the country and send a message that congress party stood for the people of this country. Rahul listened to the fears, concers and aspirations of all people, especially, youth, women, farmers, workers, dalits, adivasis, OBCs and minorities.      `


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