District and session courts in Uttar Pradesh in a shambles




During the past two decades most roads in Uttar Pradesh have developed but the pillars of justice are in  disarray. In fact the situation continues to be pathetic.

In nearly all districts of this state entry gates to the courts remain sealed with vehicles parked by lawyers and litigants. One cannot blame them as there is no other alternate arrangement. Similar situation prevails when one barely finds his way inside courts through lined up two wheelers.

Roads leading to courts remain blocked with parked vehicles.

Most courts are working sans adequate staff.

Additional District Judges need at least two readers but they cope with just one reader who remains overburdened with piling files.

Besides, there is acute crisis of staff working in courts.

Interestingly, many outsiders are illegally working as staff members with no salary looking after important files. Senior lawyers in Allahabad say, judges know this stark reality but they prefer to turn a blind eye to this illegal practice.

Dirty and likely to cause infection condition prevails all over the district and sessions court campus with stench coming out of the inadequate number of toilets.

Proper drinking water facility remains a distant cry as most lawyers either carry water bottles or spend money on potable water.

Allahabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Agra, Kanpur are big towns in comparison to other smaller districts in this most populous state of the country where such condition prevails.

Imagine, the much worse situation in  smaller districts of this state that have been left to fend for themselves,says a senior lawyer in Allahabad.

While recalling an incident in the court of district judge Chandauli he said, there was chaos in the court when a reptile made its appearance making lawyers and litigants flee the place.


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