Election commission reacts to congress leader Jairam Ramesh X handle allegations, asks him to share details of claims made by him against Amit Shah :


The election commission of India has asked Congress leader Jairam Ramesh to share evidence on his claim that BJP leader Amit Shah had convened a meeting of 150 district magistrates before counting of votes begins on June 4.

The congress leader had been asked to share details by 7 pm Sunday.

What has transpired after this time limit could not be known immediately and it remains to be seen whether or not Jairam Ramesh has responded to ECs call.

On June 1, Jairam Ramesh had tweeted on X handle that “outgoing home minister has been calling district magistrates. So far, he has spoken to 150 of them. This is blatant and brazen intimidation, showing how desperate the BJP is”.

“Let it be very clear: the will of the people shall prevail, and on June 4th Mr Modi, Mr Shah, and the BJP will exit, and the INDIA Janbandhan will be victorious. Officers should not get under any pressure and must uphold the constitution. They are under watch”, said the congress leader in his tweet now X handle.

Interestingly, both the BJP and Congress alliance have been claiming and counter claiming thundering success in this election counting for which is to commence June 4th morning and results are expected by evening or even a bit before.

While BJP is said to have been making such claims since the beginning of elections and also on the basis of exit polls being aired by many channels after electioneering stopped, congress and it’s alliance partners have been crying foul.

Congress and INDI alliance is crying hoarse that the exit poll videos had been prepared much earlier.

Their leaders are issuing statements to polling agents and party cadres to keep hawks eye during counting and even when each announcement is made till the time of granting of certificates to the winning candidate.

The congress leader while talking to PTI,the news agency has reiterated his claim that exit polls conducted on saturday were “completely bogus” and have been orchestrated and masterminded by the man whose exit is inevitable and guaranteed on June 4.

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