This election is between Ram Bhakts and Anti Ram Bhakts…UP, CM Yogi Aditya Nath


Verbally attacking the opposition parties UP CMYogi Aditya Nath has said, this election was between Ram Bhakts and anti Ram Bhakts.
Ram Bhakts are patriots and everybody knows that anti Ram Bhakts see meet their downfall.
Speaking at a public rally at Akbarpur, Kanpur in support of party candidate Devendra Singh Bholey the CM said, Kanpur is a mythological place as its people were in the forefront during the freedom struggle movent in the country.
In a diatribe aimed at congress, the CM accused Congress of planning to transfer reservation granted to dalits and OBCs to muslims which would not be allowed.
Congress did it in 2004 with the support of SP and the BSP but ‘Sachar Committe’ opposed the move.
Congress manifesto was against the ‘Sanatan faith’ of Bharat said the CM at Gorakhpur. It was almost like new version of Muslim League.
There could be nothing more shameful than this.

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