High Court reprimands UP Cops: Imposes fine.


UP Police which had been acting arbitrarily while slamming goonda Act on people during elections has gone on backfoot.
The high court has imposed a fine of RS 30,000 on Principal secretary home after realising that police had been acting arbitrarily.
In the name of maintaining law and order, police during elections identifies unruly elements and imposes goonda Act on them.
The issue came to light after police took action against even those who had just one case against them.
The situation took a turn after two persons approached the high court.
These two had just one case registered against them.
In one case the high court imposed a fine of Rs 30,000 on the principal secretary home.
In the other case goonda Act was slammed on a person twice on the basis of just one case against him.
In this case the high court directed the state government to pay a fine of RS one lakh to this person.
No person should be tried under goonda Act on the basis of just one or two cases against him, said the high court.
After this order, the state police’s biased action has stopped
In Allahabad alone Police Commissioner Ramit Sharma got notices sent to 712 persons cancelled in the year between 2008 to 2022.

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