Mammootty, the Megastar is giving back to back hits, now his Turbo is rocking at the box-office.

Amidst a media interaction, Bollywood Reporter asked, “How you wish to be remembered ?” The Megastar Mammootty reflected on the fleeting nature of fame. He remarked, “But how long will they remember me? One year? Ten years? Fifteen years? Finished. Don’t expect people to remember you till the end of the world. That won’t happen to anybody. Great people are remembered very, very, very less. Only very few greatest of all time are remembered for some more time, but that’s not forever. I am one among thousands of actors.”

Mammootty, the living legend further spoke, ” I do my job with honesty and leave the rest for the audience to write the fate of the movie, my films have been doing great at the box-office.
Now, Let me give some more good films to film lovers that’s my priority, I’ll carry on doing my job till my last breath.”

” What’s your opinion about yourself ?”
” I ? I am an actor, people say that I am a Superstar, Megastar, a living legend but for me I am an actor like any other actor, my job is to entertain people with my films and that I try to do.” Mammootty tells Bollywood Reporter.

“What would you say about your son Dulquer Salmaan?”
” Dulquer Salmaan is doing good, he is very talented actor and people love him, I am proud of him, I want to see him at the top of the trade, he never took my support to influence Filmmakers, whatever he is today is all because of his efforts and skills.” Concluded Mammootty.

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