I don’t have family, I am striving to secure your children’s future, PM Modi


SITAPUR: Striking emotional chord with the crowd PM Modi said, he has no children. He is striving for the children of countrymen.I have come in your midst to tell you that I am committed to give every moment of my life to the serve people of this country. You are my family, the country is my family. I don’t have children but I am striving for your children.


I am working in the same manner in which head of a family works day and night for the welfare of his heir. I have to bring development at your door step as well as the entire country.

Taking a dig at the opposition and congress, Modi said, they took no action against terrorists. They withdrew cases against terrorists and mounted pressure on officials to grant bail to terrorists.

The ‘junta’ now very well understands the game plan of congress. During the last ten years every scheme of the government was reaching far flung areas of the country as well as at every doorstep.

Sister’s and brothers belonging to Muslim community know well there had been no bias in government schemes and they all are reaping it’s benefits.

Congress manifesto has been prepared to appease only. Congress wants to carry out in the entire country what it did did in Karnataka. Congress had been unfair in giving reservation to OBC’s in Karnataka.

Modi declared he would not allow congress to play it’s game as long as he was alive.

INDI alliance has plans to snatch your house, gold, jewellery and Mangalsutra as Manmohan Singh has already said government has claim on all these belongings of yours.

But Modi would not allow them to play this game. Reservation on grounds of religion would not be allowed, he asserted.

These people have insulted Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

Modi has done away with Article 370 and now I am asking you for your vote in the name of service to the nation.

He urged people to defy the weather and come out to vote in large numbers.

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