Television actors Sanjeeda Shaikh and Aamir Ali were TV’s most beloved couple. So one could only imagine how heartbroken their fans were when they found out that they’ve filed for a divorce in 2020. Sanjeeda and Aamir were married for eight years before they decided to part ways. During their marriage, Aamir and Sanjeeda had given a joint interview in which she confessed Aamir had changed a lot after their wedding and in a good way. She revealed he had become more expressive after they got married.

“I have known him since the last 10 years. He has changed a lot after marriage. He was never an expressive person, and I think I have helped him become one. I am very vocal about what I feel, and wanted my partner to be like that as well. Now, he has become an expert in surprising me. For me, romance is all about spending quality time with your partner. When we were dating, after shooting for 16 hours, I would ensure that I spent at least one hour with him every few days a week,”

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh have been popular names in the Indian television industry for long. The couple dated for several years before their Nikah in 2012. The couple separated in 2020 after 8 years of marriage and were granted divorce in 2021. Sanjeeda has the custody of their daughter, Ayra Ali.

Aamir Ali, a well-known TV star, has taken a bold step by venturing into the world of OTT platforms, leaving behind his comfort zone to embrace new challenges. In his latest project ‘Lootere’, Ali transforms his appearance to fit his character, opting for a more rugged and authentic look.

Bollywood Reporter asked Aamir, ” Do you miss Sanjeeda?”

“Being honest, yes I do, but I miss many more things which I don’t have now.” Said Aamir Ali

“And your daughter Ayra Ali?”

” It’s obvious, I miss her a lot, Ayra is my heart beat.” Concluded Aamir Ali.

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