INDIA alliance spreading lies to save face, BJP President JP Nadda


Fearing defeat and to save face, INDIA alliance has started spreading all lies. In its attempt to oppose PM Modi the opposition has reached the stage of opposing the nation, said national president BJP JP Nadda.

Dispelling doubts that opposition was trying to create in the mind of voters, Nadda has said, neither the constitution of Baba Saheb Ambedkar would be changed nor reservation would be stopped as was being spread by the opposition parties in rallies during on-going elections in the country.

In an interview to a newspaper the BJP president said, the act of Rahul Gandhi carrying copy of the constitution on his head was nothing but election stunt.

Rahul Gandhi’s knowledge was limited,in fact it was his great grandfather who first tried to meddle with the constitution of the country.

Following verdict of Allahabad high court against his grandmother Indira Gandhi, she declared emergency in the country just to save her chair.

Later his father played with the constitution in the Shahbano case.

This was done in view of vote bank and in pursuance of the policy of appeasement of one section of the society. Later Rahul himself tore an ordinance copy at a press meet.

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