Intense heat to impact vote percentage ?

BK Singh
On one hand, Intense heat wave sweeping northern plains of the country is contributing to poor turn out of voters. This climatic situation which is forcing people to stay indoors has sent alarm bells ringing in the corridors of power and BJP which till recently was trumpeting to cross four hundred count in the parliament seems to be changing its electioneering propaganda by now poisoning voters with beef and mangal Sutra issue, says senior SP leader Tariq Saeed alias Ajju. BJP, was only trying to widen the gap between Hindus and Muslims, he added.
On the other hand uncertainty over declaration of contestents’ names and unnecessary delay was also creating confusion over the role of political parties in this Northern region of the country. There are many important seats where even prominent political parties are still dilly dallying over the announcement of names of candidates. This includes Congress and BSP.
In Phulpur here BSP is yet to announce the name of its candidate.
The same goes with Congress in sensitive Amethi and Rai Bareily seats even though party circles are abuzz with with news of Priyanka and Rahul being readied for filing nominations from these two seats.
  • Prospects of poor turn out of voters would only have negative impact on BJP’s percentage of votes, said another senior SP leader Vinod Chand Dubey.
Congress leaders like Abhay Awasthi and others also think on same lines.
However, still results remain to be seen at the end of  the day.

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