Is it the beginning of bad news for Indian techies living and working in USA ?….


Call it good or bad but it’s certainly a cause of concern for large number of NRIs living and working in the USA.

An NRI Indian and his team has been laid off by the employer on grounds that Indian techies living in India were ready to work on a much cheaper package than those living in the United States.

Well this is one thing where it would be very difficult to stop the employer from taking work from people or place of his choice.

The video of an Indian origin software engineer, who was laid off by his employer in the United States, talking about how his job is being replaced by Indians living in India is being shared widely on the internet.

The undated clip begins with the engineer introducing himself and revealing that he was recently laid off.

“I am a software engineer I work in tech or atleast I used to work in tech until recently when my whole team got laid off”, he says in the video.

The techie then recalls his exit interview with his employees  during which he got to know that the company was replacing him and his team with workers who live in India.

The man shocked and surprised to hear this, told the company that he,too, is an Indian.

He said he pitched to be retained in his job. ” If you keep me around I’m already Indian right? We can get rid of these crackers and replace them with my friends.

The engineer argued that he was born in India and that his family moved to the US for work, He said, he was ready to relocate to India if his employer wished.

They ( company) are like ‘,no, no, no you don’t get it. We are getting rid of you. We are moving the job to India to be done from India, who will do it cheaper there” the man said, recalling the conversation.

The video in X has over one million views.


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