Less voter turn out at Allahabad and Phulpur seats in comparison to 2019.


Amid stray incidents elections on 14 seats in Uttar pradesh in the sixth phase were peaceful and well organised.

EVMs recorded 54.02 percent votes on these seats.

According to election commission West Bengal recorded highest 78.20 percent.

The highest 61.54 percent voting was recorded at Ambedkar Nagar in Uttar pradesh and the lowest 48.97 was witnessed at Phulpur seat in Allahabad.

At Allahabad seat voter turn out was 51.75 and 51.81 percent at Pratapgarh seat.

The combined voting percent on Allahabad and Phulpur seat was 51.37 percent.

There were some surprise appearance of voters. A 102 year old lady Bhutti Devi was brought to a polling booth in Phulpur while 103 year old Chandrawati exercised her right in Bara, Allahabad.

However voter turn out in this election on these two seats was less in comparision to elections in 2019.

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