My tenure as PM has been spotlessly clean: Prime Minister Narendra Modi


No charges of corruption has been levelled against him ever since he became PM following 2014 elections in the country, said PM Modi while speaking at an election rally at Palamu.

His tenure as CM Gujrat was also without any stain of corruption, Modi said, while recalling his Chief ministership period in Gujrat.

Providing a corruption free government was uppermost in his mind and to achieve this end he had been working hard during the past twenty five years first as CM Gujrat and later since he became Prime Minister, said Modi while the crowd clapped.


He said, his mother’s and blessings of his family members have always been with him and this has given him the courage to move on his chosen mission of serving people.

Keeping everything aside he has always focused on his mission in life.

The PM while highlighting the tremendous progress country had made during his tenure he said, getting Ram Mandir at Ayodhya constructed after nearly five hundred years and scrapping of Articles 370 in Jammu and Kashmir had not been easy task. Along with these and several other achievements our country has made a name on the world map.

Internal and external threats like naxal movement and cases of terror attacks have been supressed.

We have dealt such threats with a heavy hand.Taking a dig at corruption unleashed by JMM- Congress alliance leaders, Modi said, he has always envisioned a developed India.

I have not amassed wealth. I don’t even own a bicycle, said Modi much to the surprise of the crowd that had gathered to listen to his speech.

I have nothing in the name of inheritance. You all are my heir .

While highlighting his scheme of providing people with cooking gas, house, electricity and potable water, Modi called upon people to support him so that he could serve them further.

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