-Naseeruddin Shah and his family members never asked me to embrace Islam, they never forced me to convert.”








Ace actress Ratna Pathak and the acting giant Naseeruddin Shah have been married for 42 years now. In a recent interaction with the media, Ratna opened up about how their respective families reacted when they decided to have an inter-faith marriage.

The actress admitted that her father was not “entirely happy” with the marriage but revealed that Naseer’s family members made no fuss about it at all.


Ratna Pathak told media, “My Father Was Not Happy About Wedding With Naseeruddin Shah.”


“My dad was not entirely happy, but unfortunately, he passed away before we got married. Maa and Naseer had a more rocky relationship but they settled also and eventually became friends,” Ratna Pathak told Ruby Zaidi

She further said, ” Naseeruddin Shah’s family members reacted with maturity, they understand our situation, they respected our decision and made no fuss.”


Ratna goes ahead, ” Naseeruddin Shah and other family members never asked me to embrace Islam and no one amongst the family forced me to convert, they never discussed religion but yes they were curious to listen our Love story.”

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