Old areas of Allahabad city under acute water crisis: Nearly five lakh citizens affected: Depleting water level and corrupt mining officials contribute to the cause.


Nearly five lakh citizens in Allahabad are reeling under acute water crisis. They have been wondering whether at all this malady would come to an end or would continue.

This situation is prevailing in twenty five wards of this district.

The water level in these wards has gone down drastically.

The seriousness of the crisis could be gauged from the fact that the Intake well created in Karelabagh locality was hardly storing water for further supply.

Besides this nine suction pumps have also been installed but they all were reportedly faltering to draw water and instead were sucking air that makes the entire system come to a naught.

Those managing the supply chain were thinking of reducing supply from water treatment plants from the present 85 mld to 45 or 50 mld in case the Yamuna river water level fails to register a rise in the coming week.

A large part of the old city gets water from treatment plants. The Yamuna water is brought to Khusrubagh plant with the help of pumps. The water is supplied to homes after treatment.

However, with the decrease in Yamuna water level pumping stations were being deprived of adequate water supply.

In view of this paucity the people were facing a cut of 25 mld water supply which is the cause behind the current water crisis in the old city.

No let up in illegal sand mining in the Yamuna belt is also being held greatly responsible behind this threatening water crisis.

However, despite this the mining department seems to be sleeping over this hard fact.

Everybody knows that illegal miners are hand in glove with officials of this department. There’s nothing new about this deep rooted corruption almost in every district of the state where rivers flow.

Once in a while there comes an action but things die down soon and corrupt officials get back to their money making business with impunity.

The Yamuna is constantly changing its course towards Naini because of continuous and unabated illegal mining along its course in Karelabagh area and other places.

No let up in the situation is being seen as long as arrangents were not made to release extea water in Yamuna.

Executive Engineer of water department Shivam Misra admits that water crisis was there due to paucity of water in Yamuna river.

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