Overseas head Congress party Sam Pitroda’s remark on Indian Skin Colour angers PM Narendra Modi



Vote Jehad to skin colour.

Sam Pitroda’s remark on varying Indian skin colours has stirred a hornet’s nest.

Probably for the first time in his ten year tenure PM Modi has said, ‘this has left him angry’.

The insult of countrymen aimed at skin colour cannot be tolerated, said the PM while speaking at an election rally in Warangal.As for him, he would never tolerate it, said the PM.

Sam Pitroda

Sam Pitroda overseas Chief of Congress had recently said, eastners look like Chinese in this country while down south they look like Africans.

Who gave him the permission to play this game, ‘PM asked Rahul Gandhi’. Will ability of a person be determined on the basis of skin colour, said PM in an upset mood.

Now, I have come to know why despite her qualifications congress was against the selection of Draupadi Murmu on the post of President of this country and they tried to defeat her in the election.

On the other hand Sam Pitroda following this controversy has resigned.

However, Congress seems to have distanced itself from this controversial and hurting remark that comes in an atmosphere charged with boiling election fever in this summer heat.

Earlier, on a podcast Sam Pitroda had said we can keep the country united despite the fact that Easterners look like Chinese, in South they look like Africans, westerners look like Arabs and North Indians look like Englishmen.


Never in the history of parliamentary elections, the country had witnessed the kind of mudslinging, hate speeches and comments aimed at caste, religion, race and colour as is being seen in the fierce battle for the ballot this time.

With the advent of mobile technology door to door convincing has become thing of the past and major part of elections appears being contested on social media platforms, except rallies and roadshows by prominent leaders and contestents.

As a result any event or happening gets transmitted all over with the drop of a hat.

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