“Producers are making a mess of Ramayan. I don’t think people should be making Ramayan again and again.” Deepika Chikhlia

Dipika Chikhlia who played Sita in the television series Ramayan was asked, ”  Ramayan is being made again and again and this time Ranbir Kapoor is to play the character of Ram, what’s your reaction on this ? Deepika Chikhlia replies, ” I am not happy by the news that Ramayan is being made with Ranbir Kapoor and others.”
I asked, ” But why are you not happy?”
Deepika says, “Honestly, I am quite disillusioned by people who keep making Ramayan because I don’t think you should be doing it. People are making a mess of it. I don’t think people should be making Ramayan again and again because every time they make it, they want to bring in something new; a new story, a new angle, a new look. Like for Kriti Sanon, they gave her a pink coloured satin (saree in Adipurush). They gave Saif (Saif Ali Khan who played Ravana in Om Raut’s film) a different look because they wanted to do something different, creatively.”
” What’s wrong if makers want to give some new angle and freshness to their film and series?”
Deepika says, ” Ramayan isn’t x,y,z story, it’s a religious story based on two, three Granth and Puraan, and in the name of freshness and entertainment you can’t change or add fiction to it.”
“What’s the most that you dislike in remaking of Ramayan?”
” Infact, you watch they are adding false incidents and trying to write their own Ramayan, is this right? No, that’s not right,  they are spoiling that whole impact of what Ramayan is all about.” Deepika concluded.

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