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Comic actor Rakesh Bedi has been duped.A fraudster transferred Rs. 4.99 lakh from the joint bank account of actor Rakesh Bedi and his wife on May 3 to his account. The funds were transferred without an OTP or sharing a link.


A police officer said, this was a distinctive method of operation in which the fraudster did not acquire any data through links, remote access or OTP to commit the fraud. In the police complaint, Rakesh’s wife, Aradhana, said, “…The caller informed that his account has been wrongly credited with Rs. 4,98,694.50 that was debited from our account.The person informed that an OTP has been sent to my mobile and asked to share the same. I immediately disconnected the call, suspecting something amiss.” In spite of that, the money got transferred from the joint account of Rakesh Bedi and his wife.


The Bedis have asked the bank to block the account to which the money was credited. The cyber wing of the police station is attempting to trace the money trail to all the banks where it has been credited.

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