Shah Rukh Khan discharged from the hospital



“You cannot do much but have to be conscious and aware..”

-said Malaika Arora 

King Shah Rukh Khan was under treatment for heat stroke at a hospital in Ahmedabad after KKR’s recent IPL match. Malaika Arora was asked about it, she said, ” You can’t do much but have to be cautious and aware.”

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad after suffering from a heat stroke. He was discharged on Thursday after receiving treatment. Now, Malaika Arora has reacted to the actor’s health scare. During an interaction with the media, she was asked, ” Actor’s job isn’t easy as often people think, let me tell you that actors work so hard while shooting, whatever you watch on screen they do that, sometimes in minus temperature they have to shoot for a shower scene, and many a times they have to shoot in desert in 50+ temperature, they work like a labour.they are always at risk.” 

When asked to share tips to avoid heatstroke, Malaika said, ” People should take extra care, they should avoid direct heat, they should be be more careful, before going out people should drink water and one should avoid eating heavy meals.”


Bollywood Reporter asked Malaika,”Do you have have any other message for Shah Rukh Khan ?”

” Yes, I have an important message for him, first of all, I thank God, that nothing was serious, he suffered dhyderation, and now is back home, I would like to request him to kindly stay at home when the temperature is so high, he shouldn’t come in direct contact of heat wave, he should take care.”



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