Teenage driving law made tough. Minor driver may land in child protection home for three years. Parents or guardians may also be fined or land behind bars.


BK Singh


In case you are a minor caught driving you will be fined Rs 25,000 and owner of the vehicle, your father or anybody else would also be liable to pay fine.


A juvenile could land in child protection home for thre years.

The parents or guardians of the minor may also be held responsible and may face fine or imprisonment.

Law says, penalties for underage driving not only apply to the driver but to the vehicle owner as well.

Along with fine minor drivers may also face legal action.

They could be held responsible for any damage or injury that occurs.

A minor may also face criminal charges including careless driving without valid licence while endangering lives of others.


An accidents has several facets. Besides causing injuries to the other person and sustaining injuries himself, such teenagers also cause great mental trauma to families and parants, says a traffic sub inspector.


Once I saw a lady fainting on the road after she witnessed an accident.

She could not withstand the psychological pressure after seeing a profusely bleeding teenager, said the inspector.


Father of Pune teenager who blew two young techies in the air with his Porsche car has been put behind bars following big public outcry.

The two youngmen have left wailing parants and families behind.

The boy had been earlier released on bail by a magistrate but is now undergoing trial following massive public protest.

In view of increasing road accidents in the country, law makers have rightly gone tough, says Anirudh Pandey, retired bureaucrat.

I often see teenagers driving two wheelers recklessly honking aimlessly on roads. At times three of them are together on the same two wheeler but law enforcing cops don’t seem to be bothered.

Road accidents that could be avoided were being allowed to happen due to carelessness, he opined.

It’s high time country has uniform driving laws, as they differ from state to state, feels a traffic cop.

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