Terrorists in Pakistan threatening India with Jehad, Congress threatening Modi with Vote Jehad…. says, PM Narendra Modi.


Expressing concern over Congress’ vote jehad call and terming it as dangerous,PM Narendra Modi has asked people to decide whether they want the country to be run on the principle of ‘Vote Jehad’ or ‘Ram Rajya’.


Congress’ plans are dangerous as the party has called for vote jehad against Modi said the PM while addressing election rallies at Dhar and Khargaun in the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh.


I need 400 seats in the parliament so that congress does not get the chance to reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir and also to stop them from taking away rights of SC/ST and the OBC’s.


The BJP used it’s majority to do away with Article 370, to extend provision of reservation to SC/ST and OBCs for another ten years and to elect an adivasi woman on President’s chair.


Vote bank appears to have closed the senses of congress. He reminded congress that BJP had 400 seats from 2019 to 2024.



While accusing congress of disrespecting Bhim Rao Ambedkar the PM said this party has now started saying that that Baba Saheb played a very small role in the making of the constitution while Nehru had a bigger contribution and more important role.


Congress and INDI alliance has also started spreading another canard that BJP would change the constitution if voted to power again.


PM said, he would not allow pseudo secularism to erase the nation’s identity as long as he was alive.


Reacting sharply over Lalu Prasad Yadav’s statement in favour of reservation to muslims the PM also took a dig at congress for sitting silent on such a demand.


INDI alliance partners are more worried about their families than the nation.

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