Unsuccesful in Interview UPSC girl gives message to other such aspirants to move on in life:


An IAS  father’s letter to his daughter who failed to crack civil services examination appears to be making big news. Infact it  would come as a morale booster to so many other such students who undergo bouts of depression and feel lost in this world of cut throat competition.

With hardly opportunities around of their liking many students in the absence of guidance feel lost for a long time before they find some solace elsewhere.

Shruti, daughter of home secretary Madhya Pradesh Om Prakash Srivastava had scored good marks in the UPSC. However, Shruti could not get selected in the personality test. However after her interview she had taken some pictures at the  UPSC office Dholpur House in New Delhi.

Even after the setback she posted these pictures and wrote, I was not selected, yet I am posting these pictures, because I do not want to hide my failure, I want to accept it, make it a part of me. These pictures depict a ‘success’. It is my support system in life.

 Reacting to her daughters note her IAS father said, “you are not a failure, you had set a high goal and made your place among the most talented and hard working youth of the unreserved category of the country, who reached the final stage of this difficult examination.

Shruti’s friend OM Prakash replied on facebook, No Shruti.. yours is not a failure. You had set a high goal and made your place among the 1000 most talented and hardworking youth of the unreserved category from the country who despite cracking the written papers return after the personality test due to one reason or the other reached the final stage.

Although Shruti has not blamed anyone but a good number of other aspirants blame reservation as the stumbling block.

 Policy of reservation has been going on since long. While one section of students benefit greatly a great number of unreserved candidates suffer every year.

Interestingly, Whether they admit or not politicians use the policy of reservation during elections whenever they are held in this country as a ploy to garner votes.

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