UP bureaucracy likely to witness major reshuffle after Lok Sabha elections



By Tajdar H. Zaidi

Lucknow: Top bureaucracy in Uttar Pradesh is likely to witness a major reshuffle after the Lok Sabha elections.

The decision on top UP administrative post (CS) will also be taken after the Lok Sabha polls. The tenure of chief secretary DS Mishra is ending on June 30 next month. In order to occupy the top administrative post in UP, many officers of the 1988 batch are running in the race. Present APC and IIDC Manoj Kumar Sinha could become CS after the Lok Sabha elections. Present chief secretary DS Mishra is on leave and APC Manoj Kumar Sinha is handling the charge of DS Mishra.

After the LS polls if Manoj Kumar Singh gets top post then the officers of 1989 batch will get the responsibility of APC and IIDC. It may be mentioned here that till August all the officers of 1988 batch will retire. In that situation, officers of 1989 batch ACS to CM SP Goyal or Devesh Chaturvedi of 1989 batch could get responsibility of APC and IIDC

Similarly, present Revenue Board chairman is going to retire in August 2024. In that situlation, the officers of 1989 batch could occupy this post. Similarly, Monika S Garg (1989 batch) will retire in April 2025 and addl chief secretary forest Manoj Sinha will retire in December 2024.

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