Uttar Pradesh and several parts of country awaits, heavy rain breaks 133 year record in Bengaluru.


While uttar pradesh awaits for monsoon heavy downpour in Bengaluru has broken 133 year old record in the beginning of June.
In just two days the city recorded over 140.7 mm rain.

Metro services in the city had to be stopped after thunderstorm and heavy downpour lashed the city.
There was heavy water logging all over and people had to wade through water knee deep at several places.
Nearly 150 trees were uprooted. Several cars parked nearby were damaged after big trees came hurtling down.
Life in this silicon city was thrown out of gear as a result of rain fury.
People could not reach destinations as communication services were badly affected.
Power supply was widely disrupted exacerbating problems.
BJP leader Tejasvi Surya took to X, said, “roads flooded, homes inundated, trees falling on cars, disrupting traffic and metro”.

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