Victims of RS 400 crore fraud form three teams to track Abhishek and wife Niharika. Citizens teams working parallel to police teams.


BK Singh

Have you ever heard citizens formings and hunting for criminals? Its surprising but true. At a time when Shivkuti police in Allahabad were looking for 400 crore fraudster couple, dozens of local victims have formed three teams and were wholeheartedly engaged in searching for Abhishek Dwivedi and his wife Niharika Dwivedi.

The three teams had left in different directions but till now they have not been able to trace the couple on the run. However, these citizen teams have reportedly succeeded in finding several  properties purchased by the couple out of their money at different places.

The idea of forming teams is borne out of the fact that people in general have lost faith in police.

It’s an open fact that in our system police in majority of cases acts only on pressure from either top officials or political leaders. They even hardly care  to properly investigate FIR cases. As a result they die out in due course of time. There is no accountability.

As things are unfolding Abhishek and his wife Niharika had preplanned their escape after duping investors. They had shrewdly withdrawn most of the money from 40 bank accounts.

According to Shivkuti police, two police teams were looking for Abhishek and his wife. Police had gone to Abhishek’s in laws house at Ayodhya but failed to find him. Abhishek has several relatives in Ayodhya but here too he could not be found. Police said they last found Abhishek’s location in Ayodhya but after this his mobile was switched off.  His wife’s last location was in Govindpur but after this she too switched off her mobile.

Police had earlier arrested Abhishek’s father Om Prakash Dwivedi who has been sent to jail on judicial remand.

Abhishek and his wife had formed Niharika Ventures in 2020.

Both became it’s MD. They started promising good five to six percent return to people who invested money in real estate and share market. The investment started increasing as people started getting good money in return. But, the returns suddenly stopped couple of months ago. On being questioned the investors were not getting satisfactory reply.

Meanwhile, they grew suspicious after seeing an ad in papers that Abhishek’s father had disowned him.

This caused alarm bells ringing and people in large numbers reached Shiv Kuti police station and lodged FIR.

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