By TANVEER ZAIDI- (Actor, Author, Educationist)

The charismatic, mesmerising, evergreen Actress-turned-politician Hema Malini, was captured with me in a photograph amidst a memorable interaction in Filmistan Studio, Goregaon, Mumbai.


Hema Malini was shooting for a television series Rani Laxmi Bai, produced by her and featured by Varsha Usgaonkar and other actors.


There were few more images captured by our photographer during the lunch break.


My friends and colleagues M.Gulrez and Mehdi Abidi accompanied me.

Hema Malini jee was so pretty, her nice gesture, kindness, humbleness made my day. 

Infact I went to meet her with an offer, I decided to make her the brand ambassador and a guest Editor of my cinema magazine and newspaper ‘Filmscreen’ Published by Mr. K.K Bhargava of Kusum Publication’s sister concern Neeraj Publication, New Delhi. I was the Editor.

Hema Malini and Firoz Khan in Dharmatma


Later, I owned, the English version of the Filmscreen I became the Chief Editor and Publisher with offices at Mumbai, Dubai and Allahabad.


Hema Malini jee accepted my offer and remained our brand ambassador and guest Editor for almost eight years.

Hema Malini and Tanveer Jaidi


I have met few hundred celebrities till today, meeting Hema Malini was one of the best celebrity encounters I’ve ever had.


I’m not a good begger. But I know the art to convince people, I pronounce my request usually, and then stay dumb to listen carefully what the person has to say in reply.


Hema Malini said, ” Tanveer, thank you for the offer, I’ll be highly obliged by being the brand ambassador and guest Editor of your beautiful paper, I often read it, as I get the copies regularly through courier, perhaps send by you, it seems I am in your subscriber’s list.”

I told her, ” Yes Ma’am, not only you, we regularly send our magazine and newspaper to each and every person of the Indian Film Industry that includes actors, producers, directors, singers and all of them who belong to Bollywood,.”


I continued “…and our magazine and newspaper are available on every bookstall of the country including Wheelers across the country and these are the largest circulated paper and magazine of the nation in it’s genre.”

She replied, ” Oh yes, I have also seen it on the book stalls, beside Juhu petrol pump (station) and at few more bookstalls as well.”

Her words made me more than happy as I was in love with my Filmscreen.


Hema Malini has been my childhood favourite since I saw her in ‘Dharmatma’ alongside my another favourite star Feroz Khan.


Hema Malini turns out a very committed person as she stayed with us for such a long period of eight years, she took much interest in every issue.


At that time, I was eighteen years old thin skiny guy, but a very smart and proud Editor of a full length film based fortnightly and a tabulate, entertainment magazine.


I wasn’t an employee, I had all the responsibility as a contractor, I had an office on the ground floor of our residence Neelam Apartment, Rizvi complex, off carter road, Bandra (west), Mumbai. I had a dozen of staff members paid by me.


As often I say that- I was Jack of all trades and master of none or might be one, I was into many fields- I loved cultural, social, literary activities. I was very active in sports and athletic as well.


I used to act in dramas, television series and regional films.

I would write articles, poetries, pocket size story books for teenagers, I used to edit interviews, write-ups and would do lot’s of stuff including freelancing for almost all the renowned newspapers and magazines.


I met Hema Malini jee quite often. She has been a dream girl for millions, I feel proud that we have shared some very beautiful and very precious moments that I’ll cherish throughout my life and I hope she might as well.



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