Allahabad Parliamentary seat: Aam Admi and Khas Admi likely to influence fate of political parties this election.


Aam Admi and Khas Admi vs political parties and candidates.

2024 election is witnessing shift in the style of electioneering and influence on voters. Gone are the days when people were impressed with candidates having large fleets of vehicles provided by the Mafia and other shady characters.


They hardly appear drawn to candidates personality either says, Govind Sharan Social worker and local journalist from Jasra.

Meetings and rallies by candidates are also on the decline. People have already made up their mind the party they would vote for.  The trend of voting for candidates was also on the wane. Even voting on caste lines has lost much of its value.


The image of Aam Admi and Khas Admi has increased manifold in this election. Aam Admi represents common people in the area and Khas Admi are the literate ones having concern for the nation and the society. These two groups have been interacting since electioneering began.

The Khas Admi in small groups are holding Chaupals ( meetings). This section is interacting with Aam Admi and educating them to pick up the right party to vote for instead of voting for candidate or caste factor. 

On its part the Aam Admi is no more what they were five years ago. Over the years this lot appears to have become wise. Its difficult to impress him to vote for a candidate of your choice now, says Ram Shiromani Pandey native of Bara.

 In this change of scenario, poll picture in Allahabad parliamentary constituency is nearly clear. By and large people seem inclined to vote for a party they feel would be fit from all angles. Ujwal Raman Singh INDIA alliance candidate is pitted against Neeraj Tripathi of the BJP.

While Ujjwal is son of Senior Samajwadi party leader Kunwar Reoti Raman Singh Neeraj Tripathi is son of senior BJP leader and former West Bengal Governor late Kesri Nath Tripathi.

Neeraj Tripathi, Bjp and Ujjwal Raman Singh,INC

While Ujjwal made foray in politics some years ago Neeraj is the new BJP pick this time.

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