Amid outcry Porsche accident haunts Pune. Father and Grandfather of Pune lad, arrested on charges of abducting family driver and pressurising him to take accident’s blame. Arrested doctor accused of taking bribe threatens to reveal more names.


BK Singh


The Pune car accident case has taken a murky turn after police arrested two doctors and an employee of the Sassoon hospital for allegedly tampering with the blood samples of the boy.


This was done to prove that the lad was not drunk at the time of accident.

Besides arresting Vishal Agrawal father of this boy police has also arrested the kids grandfather Surendra Agrawal for pressurising the driver to take the blame of accident.


The driver was also allegedly abducted threatened and kept in confinement after he reportedly refused to toe the line.  The father and grandfather have been remanded to police custody. The two doctors have been identified as Ajay Taware and Shrihari Halnor.

According to sources Dr Taware while being investigated has threatened to reveal several more names. The Pune police has also recovered bribe money of Rs 3 lakh from one doctor and the staffer. RS 2,50, 000 were recovered from Dr Shrihari Halnor and Rs 50,000 from the hospital employee Atul Ghatkamre.

According to Pune police, the blood sample of the boy was discarded and another person’s blood sample with no traces of alcohol was replaced.


Police became suspicious as they had quitely got a seperate blood test done along with its DNA profiling carried out.

There was much public outcry after two IT engineers Ashwani Kostha and Anish Awaidhya both on a bike were hit by the speeding Porsche driven by the accused boy. Deadly car accident continues to haunt Pune.


On the basis of cctv footage cops were sure that before the accident the boy had been drinking alcohol along with his friends celebrating results of class twelve.

Cops came in action mode after coming to know that blood sample of the accused taken at the Sassoon hospital showed no traces of alcohol.

This set the alarm bell ringing for the wealthy Agrawal family madly running to manipulate the entire episode with their wealth.

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