Arrest of four lawyers involved in attack on plaintiffs in district court in Allahabad imminent


B.K. Singh

Arrest of four lawyers involved in assaulting a plaintiff couple inside the chamber of lady Civil Judge Senior Division is now imminent.

The accused lawyers are now running for cover but law of the land will take its own course of action. More so, with a double bench of high court taking cognisance, the issue has become more serious as it involves the very freedom of functioning of courts in our legal system.

What this gang of lawyers did on Monday inside a court where proceedings in a case were going on,needs a befitting punishment in order to send clear cut message to several other such gangs operating on the district court campus, said a senior lawyer with decades of practice, on condition of not being named.

Coersion, intimidation, gobbling property of gullible person is the only work of several such gangs operating on the district court campus, says another senior lawyer.

While recalling the Monday incident another lawyer said, the issue has become serious as it happened inside a court in the presence of a lady Judge but what about other such incidents that occur on the court campus but no action is taken by the authorities concerned. Some time back a person was severely beaten by a lawyer in front of the registry in the campus. The victim lodged an FIR. Then a JE was also beaten by a couple of lawyers on the campus.

Such group of lawyers have nothing to do with serious legal practice but they roam around in a bid to make a quick buck without any knowledge of law, quipped another lawyer.

Lack of strict action by authorities in the legal system was another reason why such gangs were flourishing.

A handful of such lawyers in the garb of lawyers are the ones tarnishing the image of judicial system.

Expressing concern over increasing incidents of rowdyism involving lawyers is now getting out of hands. It is high time for the bar to step in and take action in case falling standard of legal practice and image of well meaning lawyers is to be saved, opined another lawyer.

But who will bell the cat as during elections each year, contestents’ main concern is garnering votes, no matter who supports them.

The truth is that majority of lawyers appear serious about functioning in a well meaning legal milieu and they also want judicial support.

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