District Bar Association Allahabad on backfoot, but takes action.


B.K. Singh

District and Sessions court which hardly functions for three and in rare cases four days in a week surprisingly functioned normally on Tuesday and wednesday following unprecedented incident of assault of a couple inside a court room by a group of lawyers while normal day to day legal proceedings were going on.

Reason, the bar this time appears to be on the backfoot.

The same bar issues strike notices at the drop of hat on small and insignificant issues thereby jeopardising fate of hundreds of cases in which fresh dates are issued. This in turn only increases the burden of piling cases on the shoulders of judiciary.

This practice also demorlises the litigants particularly those coming in large numbers from rural areas. But who cares.


(Handful of supporters of errant lawyers           with hardly any takers sitting in support            of four lawyers expelled from the bar.)

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