At last EVMs resting peacefully with no more allegations of tampering:


BK Singh


At last EVMs in this country have heaved a sigh of relief. They are resting peacefully with no more allegations of tampering being hurled at them.

There had been a war of words kickstarted long before the beginning of elections as authenticity of EVMs had come under severe attack and scrutiny.

Political parties, big leaders, people from all walks of life had been throwing stones at EVMs with allegations of tampering with them.

There came a stage when even the supreme court of India had to step in and  ask about proof of EVM tampering.

However those crying foul on the streets, election rallies and gatherings had no courage to come forward to hand over any proof to the Apex Court.

However, despite this there had been no end to allegations against the ruling party’s hand behind what was being dubbed as EVM scam.

This alleged tampering scenario had sent election commission of the country on its heels.

Experts were summoned and all sorts of investigations were carried out to find loop holes but nothing came out.

But even then social media did not stop spreading rumours. With smart phones in their hands the what’s Ap University continued with its anti EVM propaganda.

However, allegations, speculations and mudslinging came to a naught June 4 evening after the election commission of India announced all results.


As a matter of fact big mouthed politicos started making excuses and preferred to discuss other things than the EVM tampering issue from noon onwards on this day as counting of votes progressed and results started pouring in, said a BJP leader.

There was absolute silence over the EVMs, says a senior voter.

Chief election officer Rajeev Kumar who is a prolific writer and poet having written several couplets on the EVMs, has urged people not to be mislead over social media messages. We need to check the authenticity of the messages most of which are fake and are aimed at creating doubts and confusions.

“We are soon going to launch a website myth vs reality the CEC  has said.

What type politics is this, if a political party shows signs of winning, they start howling…it’s because of EVM tampering…..IF the opposition does better, all’s well that ends well….with them.

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