BJP victory would make country stronger. PM Modi addresses rally at Prayagraj.


BK Singh


India is now identified by expressways, infrastructure and growing digital technology cherished by so many countries and every Indian was proud of it, said PM Narendra Modi while addressing public rally during the fifth phase of elections at Prayagraj.

So many countries want India to share its digital technology with them.


He urged the gathering to vote for Neeraj Tripathi ( Allahabad parliamentary seat candidate)and Praveen Patel from Phulpur seat in case they want a strong government.


Prayagraj is famous for Triveni, Bharadwaj Ashram, lord Hanuman in lying posture and Alopi temple. Being here amounts to receiving blessings from the entire universe.


“Main Triveni aur Prayag ke aradhya ( lord hanuman) ko pranam karta hun.


Yahan Katra ki kachaudi hai samosey ka swad hai, yahan par AU ( Allahabad University) hai, said Modi to a cheering crowd.


He said, every Indian was proud of the of the pace of our development, but the samajwadi party and congress were finding it difficult to digest this fact.

Shahjada on his part insults the country on his foreign trips, said Modi without taking the name of Rahul Gandhi.


Congress’s agenda was to bring back Article 370 in Kashmir, abolish CAA and laws against corruption.

Asking the gathering to answer whether they would like to have government run by such people, Modi said it was like ‘bedlam’ during their governments.


Do you think they would have organised Kumbh in the same manner.

They are more interested in vote bank politics.


We are going to develop Nishadraj corridor at Shringverpur.

The SP and congress would never have thought of it.

They want to take the entire credit of freedom struggle, but we constructed the highest statue of Sardar Patel who represented congress.


Dubbing congress as anti development, Modi said, there was a time when one saw a generator infront of every shop but the situation has changed with better supply of electricity.

Farmers used to stay awake for the whole night to irrigate land.


Prayag has started developing said Modi while counting development works including network of overbridges.


Anti social elements once hurled bombs on the streets of this city and businessmen were afraid but all this has changed.


The mafia has vanished and people were no more being dispossed from their property forcibly.

Samajwadi’s had converted Public Service Commission into ‘parivar service commission but INDI boat has started sinking.



Congress imposed emergency in the country but the high court stopped this dictatorship.


Even after so many years congress he said, has not been able to change its character. Now they want to snatch reservation from dalits and backwards and give it to muslims but he would not allow it said Modi while promising to serve the country further.

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