Chemical Injected watermelons and carbide ripened mangoes on sale: Food and adulteration department sleeps.


In the absence of checks by food an adulteration department, watermelons and mangoes the two most sought after fruits in summers appear to be posing great health hazards, claim well informed sources.

A viral video shows how harmful colours and chemicals were being injected in water melons by a youth at an unspecified godown at some place but the video appears to be genuine.

Those who have seen the viral video hesitate in buying this delicious fruit said to be highly nutritious and healthy.

Much sought after mangoes are on the verge of coming to the godowns and retail shops almost everywhere in the country.
Bulk of the mangoes are ripened with calcium carbide said to be highly dangerous for health.
Use of carbide is no new. Most of us know about it yet mangoes are sold like hit cakes.
Experts admit carbide as health hazard.
Sources say ethylene gas was a safer alternative to ripen mangoes.

In this scenario where life threatening diseases are on the increase, one wonders if the food and adulteration department really exists.
Have you ever heard stocks of carbide ripened mangoes and injected watermelons being seized by the department concerned ?

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