BJP will bring Uniform Civil Code in the country: UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath


The country will have a uniform civil code (UCC) and people will not have to wait for it more. This election is between Ram Bhakts and anti Ram Bhakts.

What was the need of Ram temple in India ? Answering this question of opposition CM Yogi Aditya Nath said, where else they expected us to construct Ram temple,…in Kabul, Kandhar, Lahore or Karachi, shot back yogi in defence of Ram mandir.

CM was speaking at a BJP election rally in Sitapur.

Almost entire country was resonating, ” jo Ram ko laye hain hum unhe layenge” . Those who brought Ram will be brought back.

One feels how Ayodhya looked like once upon a time if one pays a visit to the newly constructed Ayodhya.

Those who believe in Ram are the ones contributing their lot in the development and progress of this country. On the other hand anti Ram Bhakts are defaming the country, said Yogi Aditya Nath

Lambasting the Samajwadi party the CM said, this party is well known for favouring criminals and terrorists. This party wants to grab power using its family as its base.

On the other hand BJP wants to make the country and its people self reliant.

Earlier, the poor died of hunger and could not survive in the absence of treatment. Today nearly 80 crore people were getting free ration and 60 crore population is reaping benefits under Ayushman Yojna. Five crore ‘Jan Dhan’ bank accounts are operational in banks in the country and houses have been given to four crore people

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