Congress will form government at the centre on June 4: Rahul Gandhi


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has urged youth not to be mislead by false promises made by PM Narendra Modi and instead stick to issues.

Rahul is understood to have issued the appeal at a time when BJP has raised the issue of increase and decrease in the population of hindus and muslims on the basis of a report. The population of hindus is reported to have gone down while muslim population has gone upscale.

In a video message on X Rahul has cautioned youth to be careful as PM Narendra Modi would do something new after sensing trouble for his party in this election.


Urging youth to be careful over empty promises, Rahul said INDIA alliance will form the new government on June 4 and we guarantee you that we will start working on filling 30 lakh government jobs from August 15 this year.

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