Bring Modi for Safety and Security of the Country… UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath.


Modi as PM is a necessity in case we wish to have a safe and secured Bharat.

It has been due to PM Modi’s efforts that our country has earned a respectful place on the world map.

Those who are against Ram should not be allowed to come to power.

UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath while addressing election rally at Akbarpur in Kanpur said, terrorism would once again make a come back in case INDIA alliance was voted to power.

Calling the politics of INDIA alliance negative CM Yogi said it has lost people’s trust.

Both Congress and Samajwadi party do not wish to see the construction of Ram mandir.

The same congress had raised questions over the existence of Ram and Krishna, Yogi said.

Reminding people about acts of terror and blasts that had been taking place before 2014, Yogi said, such incidents stopped after Modi became PM.

He said this election was between ‘Rashtrahit’ (country’s interest) and ‘Parivarhit’ family’s interest.

At another meeting in Kannauj CM Yogi accused the Samajwadi Party of polluting the air of this place which is famous for producing itra ( perfumes).

Earlier UP was famous for Mafia and gangsters now it is known as a place of festivals and colours.

Yogi said, he can give in writing that Congress and its alliance partners will suffer great defeat in this elections and Rahul will have no options other than to go for a sojourn to some other country like he had been doing earlier.

Commenting on Rahul Gandhis claim that INDIA alliance would win all eighty seats in UP, CM Yogi said if he is so sure then what was the need of filing nomonation from Vayanad. Why Rahul chose Raibareily, instead of Amethi from where he suffered defeat in the last parliamentary elections.

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