Congress’s decision to skip exit poll debates shows it has conceded elections: Amit Shah




New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president J.P. Nadda claimed that the Congress’s decision to not participate in exit poll debates is the confirmation that the opposition party has conceded the Lok Sabha elections.

Taking a swipe at Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Shah said in a statement that the Congress has been in a “denial mode” since he began playing a key role in its affairs.

“The Congress ran the campaign through the polls that it is going to get a majority. But it has now realised the reality and knows that it faces a rout in the exit polls to be broadcast after the elections tomorrow,” Mr. Shah said.

The Congress does not have the face to take questions from the media so it is debunking the entire exit poll exercise claiming that it has no meaning, he added.

Mr. Shah said Congress leaders should not be in denial and instead introspect, as he accused the party of casting aspersions on the Supreme Court and the Election Commission when judicial judgments and poll results do not favour it. ANI

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