Country will write several new and good chapters: Corruption in all forms will be rooted out: PM Narendra Modi.


BK Singh

BJP may have missed the majority mark in this election to form government on its own but with 291 seats it is clear that NDA will form the government at the center.
One thing good about BJP had been it has always kept NDA partners close to it and has also given them important assignments earlier. This has kept the flock together.
National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is led by BJP.
The President of India, as per the constitution invites the largest party after it stakes it’s claim to form the government.
As such decks are undoubtedly clear for a third term of PM Narendra Modi’s government.
Although this was a foregone conclusion but BJPs debacle in UP has stunned it’s own cadre and leadership.
However, after Jawahar Lal Nehru, Narendra Modi is going to make history by becoming PM of the world’s largest democracy for the third time.
After victory PM Modi said, the country is going to write several new and good chapters in the coming days.
Corruption in any form will be rooted out, us one of them.
Despite not getting majority BJP has again emerged the single largest party that is why NDA government will be formed at the centre. After ten years alliance government is back in the saddle.
To recall, in 2014 BJP had formed government at the centre in its own.
At that time it was assumed that the three decade old period of alliance government’s was over.
In 2019 BJP again formed majority government but the period of alliance government’s has again made a come back in 2024.

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