Cowards instill fear in others: Priyanka Gandhi


Those who instill fear in others are in fact cowards. Even school children know this. Today PM Modi is inciting fear in people, said congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi at Raibareily.

Interacting with the voters at Amethi Parliamentary constituency, Priyanka dubbed PM Modi as a big coward.

In a democacy it was the duty of a leader to answer questions of the people. This is what democacy speaks.

In a democratic set up junta is most important.

It is the duty of the leader to bow down in case junta gets angry or upset over an issue but leaders these days are so full of ego that they do not allow questions to be raised.

People she said, are not happy with the kind of politics going on in the country these days.

On TV people watch the country heading towards progress but on the other hand their struggle is increasing.

Prices are soaring and unemployment was at its peak.

The PM has handed over most of the resources to his billioner friends.

He never speaks  about his achievement during the past ten years instead he diverts attention of the people.

Come elections and Modi talks about hindus  and muslims.

After all how many elections Modi wants to win on the issue of hindus and muslims, questioned Priyanka.

Congress, she said, was in the electoral fray on important issues like price rise, unemployment and problems related to farmers.


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