Defending Rahul Gandhi, sister Priyanka takes a dig at PM Modi in Gujarat.


“PM Narendra Modi calls my brother Rahul ‘Shahzada’, but I want to tell him that this Shahzada has walked for four thousand kilometres from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to listen to your grievances. My brother met my sister’s, brothers, farmers and labourers and after talking to them lovingly he ( Rahul) asked them to tell him problems they were facing and how their problems could be solved, said Priyanka Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Banaskantha in Gujrat.


While taking a dig at PM Modi, Priyanka asked voters “have you ever seen PM Modi, he looks white, wears impeccable white shining spotless Kurta. PM Modi’s hair are trimmed without a split.

With such a style how would the PM understand the depth of your labour and fields that yield crop”.
Under such circumstances, “how would the PM understand in which type of marsh you all were caught into.

When farmers agitate government cuts off their electric and water supplies but the PM does not deem it necessary to even walk for kilometers to take first hand knowledge of your problems.

The PM changes laws when he sees elections were close because he knows that farmers would agitate and he would not get votes. This is the working style of the PM”, said Priyanka while addressing the locals.

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