Vishwa Hindu Parishad on war path against local police alleging collusion with livestock smugglers, Raise slogan against cow slaughters.


UP, CM Yogi Adityanath’s stand against slaughtering of cows is well known. He on several occasions has made clear that smuggling of livestock for slaughtering will not be tolerated.


However,at a time when the atmosphere in the state and nearly the entire country is charged with election fever Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders and members have gone on warpath against Kydganj police personnel accusing cops of being hand in glove with livestock smugglers.

They assembled in large numbers near Sohbatiabagh fly over after stopping a truck load of live stock and were demanding strict action against perpetrators of the crime.

According to VHP leader Lal Mani Tewari, the Kydganj police is in collusion with livestock smugglers. After stopping the truck he informed them and several police officers.

Yet despite coming late on the spot cops let the smugglers escape.

The other day a truck load of livestock was heading to the city from Etawa. He informed the police yet cops made no efforts to nab it, As a result the truck managed to pass through, Tewari alleged. Later, he himself chased the truck and caught with it in Chandauli district, Tewari claims.

According to him, Kydganj police is involved in all sorts of nefarious activities including illegal sand business, sake of narcotics.

Police extorts money from every vehicle and bus coming to the Sangam with loads of of pilgrims.

They take money from bus owners who in turn ask pilgrims to pay them.

Proper policing in the area is zero.

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