Frequent snapping of power supply great cause of concern in the city of Allahabad.


Frequent power outage in the entire city of Allahabad in nearly all localities has thrown life out of gear.

Residents were wondering what would happen in the month of June if this was the condition now.

Situation in the old city was even worse.

Imagine power supply getting tripped eighteen to twenty times at several places in 24 hours.

Residents of Kareily, GTB Nagar, Chaika, Rajruppur, Kalindipuram, Rani Mandi, Kydganj, Muthiganj, Naini, Jhusi, Phaphamau, Teliarganj and Beli had been reeling under acute power shortage since the beginning of this summer.

Worse, it’s almost impossible to contact responsible persons manning the power substations.

It has become a practice among power staff to switch the mobile to flight mode the moment power gets snapped for unknown reasons, says Ravindra Kalra living in Chakia.

A resident of Beli Kavish Prakash says he had been observing this behaviour of the power staff since the past several years.

All the time we find the power staff engaged in one work or the other connected with maintenance of supply, yet there appears to be no succour from the pangs of power outage, says Manoj Prasad hailing from Muthiganj.

Disruption in power supply at small intervals also affects water supply.

Due to low pressure in most localities water pumps hardly function properly when switched on again, says Meenakshi, housewife from Kareily.

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