Fed up with police extortion vegetable seller ends life by hanging at Kanpur. Makes live video with a noose around his neck before ending life.


BK Singh


A vegetable seller Sunil Rajput committed suicide by hanging following his unending harassment at the hands of police at Kanpur. The incident took place under Sachendi police station of the city.

The deceased before taking the extreme step uploaded two videos on social media accusing police hand behind the extreme step. In one video Sunil is seen wearing the cotton noose around his neck. He made a live video himself before ending his life.

Following the incident his brother told people that Chowki Chakarpur Mandi incharge under Sachendi police station used to forcibly take vegetables from his shop without paying money. Besides this the cop often extracted money from the deceased. The deceased’s brother is seen saying in a video,his brother had taken money on loan to run the vegetable shop.

The deceased was reportedly told by the chowki incharge that he would not be allowed to sell vegetables in case he didn’t part with regular money.

Fed up, the deceased had earlier made an attempt to commit suicide by consuming some poisonous tablets but his family members saved his life after rushing him to a hospital.


However, despite his extreme step that was in the knowledge of the police his harassment did not stop. After his attempted suicide police even visited him at the hospital to take stock of his condition.

Agitated over the incident BJP MLA Abhijit Singh Sanga confronted the police.

In a widely circulated video the MLA is seen arguing with an IPS trainee Dr Amol while another police officer said to be the police station incharge is seen sitting on a chair.

The duo and the MLA were surrounded by a big crowd. While the argument could not reach any conclusion the police officer got up to leave the argument amid protest by locals.

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