Hanuman Jayanti celebrated with religious fervour


Lord Hanuman Jayanti is being celebrated by worshippers at dozens of temples in the city here today.
Devotees thronged various temples in the city since early hours in the morning on Tuesday.Incidentally, tuesday happens to be the day of special worship of Lord Hanuman.

Since this day is so pious for the followers of Sanatan Dharm people from all walks of life thronged dozens of Hanuman temples in the city and its outskirts since early morning.

The most crowded were the Civil Lines and Sangam situated Hanuman temple.
The temple in the Sangam area also known as Bade Hanuman temple bears special significance as the massive idol is in the lying posture.

Sources said, this big idol of Lord Hanuman was discovered by a seer while he was digging sand in the Sangam area.
As news spread, the then British administration tried to shift the idol to some place in the city but in vain.
All efforts to drag the big idol also became futile when the idol could not be dragged any further and efforts were stopped.

Bade Hanuman Mandir

People, began to throng the place where a temple was later constructed.

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