Lok Sabha polls:Deposit gun or face action, license holders warned


Tajdar H. Zaidi

Lucknow: Issuing last warning to gun license holders in state capital, district administration on Tuesday directed the license holders to deposit their arms within one-week otherwise their license will be cancelled by the district administration.

During the on going Lok Sabha elections, district administration had directed the license-holders to deposit their arms, but many of them did not deposit their arms till today. According to sources, only 50% license holders have deposited their arms. JPC LO Upendra Agarwal said that those who failed to deposit their arms are advised to follow the rules are be ready to face the action.

Agarwal further said if license holders did not deposit their arms within one-week, police department will send report to administration for cancellation of their lincens. According to sources, Lucknow district had 39,450 license-holders in which only 20,000 license-holders have deposited their arms and remaining are avoiding administration’s order.

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